The local government unit of Calbayog City, thru the efforts of the City Engineering Office (CEO), has opted to save the partially uprooted Acacia tree located at the corner of Gomez and Gelera street, right at the edge of Nijaga Park.

The team from the CEO headed by Engr. Ashley Albana acted on multiple reports submitted on May 09, 2021 from concerned citizens that the said tree was leaning at a perilous angle following reports of a large cracking or snapping sound, possibly in imminent danger of falling down. There were concerns that the tree might pose a hazard to pedestrians and commuters that traverse those busy streets.

A permit from the DENR provincial office was secured in order to remove the tree and ensure the safety of the public. Upon reassessment of the damage on the Acacia tree, our CEO team determined that the tree can still be saved through the use of braces and brackets that can secure the tree, giving it time to heal and take root. The preservation project was started on May 22, 2021.

The LGU of Calbayog, now headed by Mayor Diego Rivera, has always been keen on the juxtaposition of the preservation of nature and the steady flow of progress and developments for the city. One recent achievement of note would be the R.I.V.E.Rs (Recognizing Individuals/Institutions Towards Vibrant and Enhanced Rivers) for Life Award by the Department of Natural Resources where Calbayog City River was awarded as the second cleanest river among numerous entries in the entire Philippines, next only to Lamut River in the Ifugao province.

On April 29, 2014, the Sangguniang Panglusod of Calbayog issued Ordinance No. 2014-04-23, which declared all existing Acacia trees in Nijaga Park as Centennial trees and as such should be protected and preserved.

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