The local government of Calbayog City, through the efforts of City Mayor Diego P. Rivera, simultaneously launched multiple FREE WIFI hotspots in selected areas throughout the city. The goal is to provide easy and reliable internet access for students and residents of Calbayog who require an internet connection for educational and work-related purposes. Mayor Rivera plans to expand and add more sites in the coming months, with plans to provide internet access to hard to reach barangays. A similar project by the DICT is in the works, further expanding the coverage of the FREE WIFI project by the LGU.

The recent outage caused by Typhoon Odette last week exposed the need to set up a reliable and accessible access point to the internet as an alternate to the existing providers available in the city. During the days following the aftermath of the typhoon, the city experienced multiple periods of signal loss and internet connectivity issues. In our modern, technology driven society, a few days of unreliable communication and data transfer could cripple the ability of institutions and establishments to provide services to the residents of Calbayog.


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