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We are the Human Resource Management Office

We are the Human Resource Management Office, the primary agency of the City Government of Calbayog responsible for the management of personnel services including recruitment, compensation, benefits administration, employee relations, and capacity building programs.


The Human Resource Management Office is composed of four divisions working hand in hand to provide the highest quality of services, programs, and policies for the City Government’s employees, personnel, retirees, and those who want to work with the City Government of Calbayog.

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Be a part of the City Government of Calbayog and make a meaningful impact in the local community. Apart from serving the public, you also have the opportunity to realize your own personal goals, build strong relationships, and be recognized for the work you do.


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Posted on November 05, 2020

“An aton hingyap para sa aton pinalangga nga bungto an iya pag asenso ngan pagprogreso tipakadto san maginhawa nga kinabuhi ngan kaupayan san tanan nga Calbayognon.

Help me build our city into a prosperous and peaceful community by working alongside our hardworking employees. Let’s aim for a bigger and brighter future for our beloved Calbayog!

Uswag Calbayog!”

“Join the LGU workforce and help us serve the people of Calbayog City. Work with us hand in hand and side by side as we forge new paths in our committment to uphold the integrity of public service and community support.

Be a part of TEAM LGU CALBAYOG!”