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Interested in starting a career in public service?

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The City Government of Calbayog City is always in need of bright, talented and hardworking individuals who can make a meaningful impact on the local community. As part of the LGU’s team of public servants, you too can have the oppurtunity to realize your own personal goals, build strong relationships, and be recognized for the work you do.

  • Applicants can submit their application online using the form at the bottom of this page for evaluation;
  • Applicants will be advised as to the schedule of the Pre-Qualifying Exam;
  • Applicants takes the Pre-Qualifying Exams;
  • Applicants who passed the Pre-Qualifying Exams will be notified as to the schedule of the panel interview to be conducted by the Personnel Selection Board(PSB);
  • PSB prepares and submits the Comparative Assessment Report(CAR) to the City Mayor;
  • HRMO conducts Background Investigation (BI) of the first 5 highest ranking applicants;
  • City Mayor chooses among the first 5 highest ranking applicants whom he/she will appoint based on the BI report and CAR submitted;
  • HRMO through the RSP prepares the appointment for signature of the City Mayor and attestation of the Civil Service Commission;
  • Complete the fields below to submit your application;
  • Personal Data Sheet (CS Form 212);
  • Photocopy of Transcript of Records, Diploma or Form 138;
  • Certificate of Employment from previous employer, if applicable;
  • Photocopy of Certificates of Trainings/Seminars attended. if applicable;
  • Photocopy of Certificate of Eligibility or PRC License, if applicable;
  • Certification of Masters Units earned, if applicable.

We encourage diverse applicants regardless of age, religion, disability, ethnicity, political affiliation and sexual/gender orientation. Interested and qualified applicants can start the application process by filling out the fields below. The other requirements stated above shall be requested by the HR team after your application has been evaluated. These can also be mailed using the address below:

City Mayor OIC-CHRM Officer