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Maturity Level II
Re: City Government of Calbayog
Number: 2100881
Promulgated: 02 November 2021


WHERERAS, pursuant to Section 3, Article IX B of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, the Civil Service Commission, as the central personnel agency of the government, is mandated to establish a career service and adopt measures to promote morale, efficiency, integrity, responsiveness, progressiveness, and courtesy in the civil service; and strengthen the merit and reward system, integrate all human resource development programs for all levels and ranks, and institutionalize a management climate conducive to public accountability;

WHERERAS, the Commission is also mandated under Section 12 (15), Chapter 3, Book V of Executive Order No. 292 to “inspect and audit the personnel actions and programs of the departments, agencies, bureaus, offices, local government units and other instrumentalities of the government including government-owned or controlled corporations; conduct periodic review of the decisions and actions of offices or officials to whom authority has been delegated by the Commission as well as the conduct of the officials and the employees in these offices and apply appropriate sanctions whenever necessary”;

WHERERAS, in response to the abovementioned mandated functions, the Commission launched the CSC Agency Accreditation Program (CSCAAP) in 1991, which was enhanced through the Personnel Management Assessment and Assistance Program (PMAAP) in 2004. In 2012, the Commission adopted the Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIMEHRM) which integrated and enhanced the PMAAP and the CSCAAP;

WHERERAS, PRIME-HRM aims to successfully transform the agencies’ HRM systems, competencies and practices to elevate public sector HR to a level of excellence for good governance and for efficient and effective public service delivery;

WHERERAS, PRIME-HRM strategically aligns government agencies’ operations in achieving their mandates, vision and mission; empowers the agencies in the performance of human resource management functions; and provides a venue for the exchange and development of expertise in the area of HR among government offices. It is designed to encourage creativity, innovativeness, integrity and productivity in the public service by recognizing, awarding and providing incentives to agencies that meet certain level of maturity indicators;

WHERERAS, following the enhancement of the PRIME-HRM maturity indicators in 2016 pursuant to CSC Resolution No. 1601209 dated October 21, 2016, the agencies which were previously assessed using the old PRIME-HRM indicators were reassessed through self-assessment to determine their maturity level in the following four (4) core HRM systems: Recruitment, Selection and Placement; Performance Management; Learning and Development; and Rewards and Recognition. The CSC Regional/Field Offices provided technical assistance in addressing the HR gaps identified as a result of the self-assessment and recommended agencies for onsite assessment;

WHERERAS, pursuant to CSC Resolution No. 2000359 dated February 17, 2020 (PRIME-HRM: Revised Guidelines on the Conferment of HR Recognition and Awards), agencies found to have met the maturity level 2 and higher-level indicators in all four (4) HRM systems shall be awarded accordingly;

WHERERAS, the City Government of Calbayog is one of the agencies subjected to online assessment by the Civil Service Commission Regional Office No. VIII (CSC RO VIII);

WHERERAS, the results of the online assessment by the CSC RO VIII at the City Government of Calbayog on June 10-11, 2021, show that the said agency has met the PRIME-HRM Level 2-Maturity Indicators in the Systems, Practices and Competencies of the following four (4) core HRM Systems: Recruitment, Selection and Placement; Performance Management; Learning and Development; and Rewards and Recognition. It was also found to be continuously compliant with the Civil Service Law and rules in terms of the implementation of the other HR programs and the maintenance of HR records;

WHERERAS, the CSC RO VIII recommended to the Commission the conferment of PRIME-HRM Bronze Award to the City Government of Calbayog. Based on the validation conducted by the Human Resource Policies and Standards Office (HRPSO), the said agency is confirmed to have met the PRIME-HRM Level 2-Maturity Indicators of all the four (4) core HRM systems and was found to have observed Civil Service Law and rules on the issuance of appointments and other HR programs, and has maintained its HR records management.

WHEREFORE, the Commission RESOLVES to confer the PRIME-HRM Bronze Award to the City Government of Calbayog and grant the following privileges:

  1. Authority to approve appointments, subject to post audit;
  2. Exemption from Section 96 of the 2017 ORAOHRA, as amended;
  3. 50% of appointments issued subject to review by the CSC FOs;
  4. 20% discount for the HRMO or one (1) Agency Representative on trainings/conferences conducted by the Civil Service Institute;
  5. 20% discount for the HRMO head or one agency representative in CSC ROs’ trainings/ conferences;
  6. Exclusive membership to community of learners who shall have access to digital learning resources and other developmental opportunities subject to the guidelines to be issued by the Commission;
  7. Announcement of the agency’s programs/projects bureaucracy-wide through the CSC website; and
  8. Such other benefits that the Commission may approve in the future.

The Commission FURTHER RESOLVES that as a Bronze Awardee, the City Government of Calbayog shall be responsible for the following:

  1. Maintain the status under Level 2 and continue to improve on its HRM systems to meet the indicators of the next higher level;
  2. Comply with the 2017 Omnibus Rules on Appointments and Other Human Resource Actions, as amended, and other Civil Service Law and rules in the issuance of appointments and implementation of other HR actions; and
  3. Partner with CSC in providing assistance to other agencies in the development or improvement of HRM systems.

The CSC RO VIII shall monitor and evaluate the extent of compliance with the abovementioned responsibilities every three (3) years. A mid-term review, however, shall be conducted by the CSC FO to ensure continuous compliance with the duties and responsibilities and may recommend the reversion to Level 1 (Regulated Status) of the agency if found to have reneged its responsibilities under items 1 and 2 as stated above, which may include the revocation of its accreditation to take final action on appointments. The CSC Field Office – Samar shall extend technical assistance to ensure continuous improvement of the HRM systems in the said agency.

Quezon City.




Attested by:

Acting Director IV
Commission Secretariat and Liaison Office