A Calbayognon made headlines this week for topping the recently concluded Veterinarian Licensure Examinations held at various sites during the months of August and September this year. A graduate of Veterinary Medicine from University of the Philippines – Los Baños, Dr. Gabriel “Ojo” Comota III achieved an overall average score of 85.36%, the highest among the 276 other veterinarians who passed the exam. This year, a total of 720 examinees took the licensure exams with hopes of acquiring a license to practice the veterinary profession in the Philippines. Only 276 out the 720 passed, capping the average passing rate for this year at 38.33%.

Gabriel, more commonly known as Ojo among his peers and family, is the first-born son of Gabriel “Jocom” Comoto Jr., a tenured and active employee of the City Veterinarian’s Office here in Calbayog.

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