March 21, 2022 – Mayor Diego Rivera oversaw the official turn over and blessing of the newly acquired fire truck, in front of the City Hall compound. Requested by the LGU from the national government, the vehicle will supplement the the fire fighting capabilities of the local Bureau of Fire Protection. In recent times, the BFP has been instrumental in providing support for the city’s efforts in responding to emergencies and rescue calls, as well as providing water to different areas of the city and the nearby municipalities.

Mayor Rivera has been diligent in his drive to supplement the LGU’s capability to provide adequate support for the city’s disaster preparedness plan. Just recently, the LGU added several vehicles and rescue boats to it’s CDRRMO fleet to further strengthen our ability to respond to emergency situations in the city.

One of the challenges the city faces is providing sufficient water supplies to its constituents. A few years ago, Manila Water Philippine Ventures took over the management of our water distribution and supply and rebranded Calbayog City Water District into Calbayog Water. Several improvements and rehabilitation projects are in the works, but several areas in the city still experience water shortages. The BFP has been instrumental in assisting the LGU in its water rationing activities, especially during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic which saw a decline in the manpower available for the LGU.
The local government of Calbayog is committed to providing better and consistently reliable services for all Calbayognons.
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