Mawacat Slide

An hour boat ride form Oquendo Poblacion to Barangay Mawacat and Twenty (20) minutes walk from the village will bring you to natural rock formation, inclining Forty Five (45) degrees and more than Fifty (50) feet long. Water flows through this giant cistern. From the top you slide through this mossy lane to the cool inviting pool below.




Mapaso Spring

As the name suggests, it is a hot spring with the consistency of newly boiling water situated in Barangay Rizal II (Oquendo). Nature has given it life in the form of fresh crustaceans (pokot) tainted pink – red which, ordinally is already the tint of a dead scalded shrimp.




Calbayog Zipline and the Malajog Ridge Nature Park

            The Calbayog City Zip were from a mountain in Malajog Beach down to the nearby island, it is with a jacket like carrier attached to a roller with the steel cable and tourist being towed by a rope from above the highest elevation and then down to the island were you will take a boatride going back to the coastline in Malajog Beach. Malajog Ridge Nature Park were famous among Calbayognon since it is the source of the old church that were made from stones or rocks, the St. Peter and Paul Basilica of Calbayog.




Danao Cave

            Located in Danao, some 14 km toward the western coast of Calbayog City. Made up of seven chambers inhabited by various species of snakes and bats, as evidenced by a good deposit of guano. The cave serves as an initiating place for those who want to acquire a talisman.




Ginogo-an Cave

            Situated at the fringes of Two (2) Barangay Longsob (Oquendo), it gives an eerie trip through nature – made, dark tunnels; some with high ceiling, others touch your head. The entrance has the size of a cathedral door.



Lo-ok Beach

White sand, blue waters, swaying palm trees, towering rocks and a lone, balconied cottage give this spot of a South Sea island touch. This is the beach that makes Malajog famous. Movie stars, foreign ambassadors, other metropolitan VIPs stayed here for a night or two hasted by Mons. Basiling Rosales. In anticipation of the Phil – Japanese Highways passing through the vicinity of Lo – ok Beach, the well – known D & E restaurant has already built a second cottage for people who like to savor the beauty of Malajog and its sunset.




Bagacay Beach

            “If we can’t go to Lo – ok, we may as well shoot to Bagacay” often heard among picnic planners, the unanimous opinion suggests that this beach, lo – ok’s twin sister, can match Malajog beauty spot scenery for scenery, enjoyment for enjoyment. This friendly uncrowded, pearl – white strop of coastline and the sunfilled beach are great lands for “beachcombers” young and old.




Binaliw Isle

Located in Brgy. Manguino-o, Tinambacan District, Calbayog City, it is separated from the mainland by the Silangan Channel. A potential deep diving spot, about 40 to 50 meters from the water surface and measuring less than a hectare in area. The islet is surrounded with aquifers equally and uniformly spread at the peripheral limits of the islet with white sand and pebbles. Beneath the deep waters are sea corals of multifarious varieties, rare white pebbles spread all over the floors, 20 types of shells, and ornamental types of aquamarine species – which can all be explored by the diver for as long as in his underwater gear.




Pan-as Falls

More than a beauty spot, this falls is now a source of water supply off and on for Oquendo and Calbayog. If trapped well it will serve Tinambacan too which altogether will constitute 100,646 people using its water supply. Soon from afar, it’s like a long boat constructed by the mountainsides; a close – up, it’s a series of a long drop to another. At places where the cataract is so high, the water falling into the pool below becomes a more mists.





Located in Barangay Cagbayang, Oquendo District, an hour drive from Calbayog City and 40 minute walk from the villages. A beautiful and scenic waterfall. This wonderful creation of nature is a favorite picnic site of local residents and their source of potable water.




Ton-ok Falls

Hidden in lush tropical vegetation, the boulders rise (and water falls) in a series of cataracts – like steps to the top. Natured has placed it out of easy reach to compensate for its beauty.




Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral

Constructed in 1800s, it is the central church of the Diocese of Calbayog. Considered to be the biggest church in Samar, the Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral being rebuilt and renovated through the years has evolved to a blending of many architectural eras. The old dome, the spire, and the thick walls are what is left from the original Spanish-built old church. In general, the Spanish influence in the architecture and materials used is but revealing.




Nijaga Park

The largest park in the City, it is named after the local hero Benedicto Nijaga. It is located beside the Calbayog River which separates Downtown and Brgy. Obrero which leads to the northern parts of the city. The park also has an artificial replica of Bangon-Bugtong Falls. Nijaga is a local hero in Calbayog. The largest park in the city is named after him. A monument of Jose P. Rizal y Mercado y Navarro can located here.




Sacred Heart Plaza

Located across the Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral and the City Hall. A conspicuous plaza with the image of the Sacred Heart where socio – civic and religious activities are held; its bright light and relaxing ambiance attracts strollers. Ever since November 2013, the plaza has been  renovated and gated to include fountain, various amenities and a more relaxing atmosphere.




Malajog Beach

A 40-minute drive from Calbayog City. Grayish sand, blue waters, swaying palm trees, towering rocks, and a three balconied cottages give this spot a South Sea island appeal. Magnificent view of sunset behind nearby island. Made famous by the visits of VIPs, movie stars, and diplomats.




Christ the king College

The first and only Museum in the province of three Samar. But the artifacts came from all corners of the province thus enabling the Samareño to know partly the past lives of his ancestors. Inside it are ancient coffins, coins, jars, chinawares, bracelets and beads which date earlier than the 14th century.




Bangon-Bugtong Falls

Located in Brgy. San Joaquin of Calbayog City, an hour – and – 15 – minute ride to Barangay Tinaplacan plus 45-minute walk to the vicinity of the falls. Among the family of waterfalls of Calbayog City, Bangon, Bugtong Falls is one of the most majestic and spectacular spots that is worth visiting. As one ascends the stream, he will be amazed to see a circular pond about 30 meters in diameter, wide enough for swimming and deep enough for diving. The cascading water seems to come from streams flowing endlessly, resulting from the pressure of its disgorge,  which  becomes  even  bigger  in  volume  and  noticeable  as  the  time of the day passes. Bugtong Falls is not only a tourist spot but also a potential source of power for Calbayog City and its neighboring localities.


Tarangban Falls