1. Three (3) copies – Duly accomplished and notarized Application Form.
    2. Any of the requirements relative to right over land:
      1. One (1) certified true copy of certificate of title issued by appropriate register of deeds not more than three (3) months old, in case registered in the name of the applicant;
      2. In the absence of any existing certificate of title in the name of applicant submit;
        1. One (1) authenticated copy or certified true copy of the latest Tax Declaration
        2. Three (3) copies pro-forma affidavit (see attached form) to the effect that:
        • The applicant is the owner of the property subject of the application;
        • The reason why the property is not yet titled;
        • The property is situated within alienable and disposable lands and outside lands reserved for the public domain;
        • The property is free from liens and encumbrances of the property;
        • That the property is not tenanted.
      3. In case the property is not registered in the name of the applicant, submit one (1) certified true copy of the owner’s certificate of title. In the absence of title, one (1) photocopy or certified copy of tax declaration and pro-forma affidavit as described in item b and any of the following:
        • One (1) authenticated photocopy of Duly notarized deed of sale or deed of donation
        • One (1) authenticated photocopy Contract of lease
        • Three (3)  copies of  pro-forma Affidavit of Consent    to use land; whichever is applicable
    3. One (1) set – Building Plan (cover, architectural, cost estimates and specifications duly signed and sealed by licensed  architect  or civil engineer with photo  copied  PRC ID and PTR)
    4. One (1) original copy – Sketch Plan of lot with technical description duly certified and sealed by a Geodetic Engineer.
    5. One (1) original copy – Other additional documents as may be needed for projects of local and national significances which require a more exhaustive evaluation, eg. Barangay Clearance, Barangay Resolution, City Resolution, Affidavit of No Objection (if applicable).
    6. One (1) original copy – Environmental Compliance Certificate/Certificate of Non-coverage (ECC/CNC)(if applicable).
    7. Filing Fee
    8. Expandable Envelope
    9. One (1) original copy – Sworn Special Power of Attorney or signed written authorization from the applicant for the representative to file/follow-up application, and to claim Locational Clearance.
  2. MINIMUM SETBACK REQUIREMENT: (Please refer Article VI, Section 26 of Zoning Ordinance No. 2011-33-063, as amended)
  1. For Manufacturing projects; DESCRIPTION OF INDUSTRY citing among others the following:
    1. Types and volume of raw materials/chemical used;
    2. Product manufactured or stored;
    3. Average production output/capacity per day/week/month;
    4. Industrial wastes and plans for pollution control;
      1. 4.1 Description of process flow or manufacturing processes;
    5. Manpower requirements;
  2. Bill and Materials and Cost of Equipment (where applicable)
    For application filed by authorized representative:
    Sworn Special Power Of Attorney for the representative to file/ follow-up application, and to claim decision on the application.