March 29, 2021. Photo of Mayor Diego Rivera spending his first day at the City Mayor’s Office, after the courtesy call of the City Councilors. [Photo courtesy of Calbayog City Information Office Facebook Page]

Mayor Diego P. Rivera officially assumed the role of the City Mayor on March 9, 2021 following the death of the late Mayor Ronaldo P. Aquino. The late Mayor Aquino and his escorts were killed in a shooting incident while on the way to Villa Marcelina to join in the celebration of his son’s birthday on March 8, 2021.

In an interview with Eastern Visayas News posted on the 13th of March 2021, Mayor Rivera revealed the concerns he initially had when he was approached by the DILG the day after the incident. Out of respect for the late Mayor Aquino, he wanted to delay the formalities until after the burial of his late running mate. Upon insistence from the DILG, he was sworn in as the new mayor of Calbayog City. According the Local Government Code of 1991, one of the primary responsibilities of a Vice Mayor is to assume the office of the City Mayor in the event of a permanent vacancy.

When asked about his message for the people of Calbayog, Mayor Rivera emphasized the need for solidarity and peace amidst these confusing times. He pledged to support the projects of his late predecessor, and hopes to contribute to the growth and progress of the city of Calbayog.

The interview can be viewed here:

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