The RP-Mission and Development Foundation Inc. (RPMD) conducted a survey during the month of September this year to gauge the performance of mayors in Eastern Visayas. Mayor Diego Rivera was included among the top 5 performers, with an average rating of 56% which ranks him fourth (4th) overall.

The question asked was, “Do you approve or disapprove of the way (name of Mayor/Governor/District Representative) is handling his/her job as (Mayor/Governor/District Representative)?”

Based on the results of RPMD Inc.’s survey, 56% of Calbayognons approve of Mayor Rivera’s performance as mayor of Calbayog City. September marked the 6th month since Mayor Rivera took over as mayor, following the tragic shooting of former Mayor Ronaldo P. Aquino last March 2021. Six (6) months is a relatively short adjustment period for any mayor to acclimate and fill the shoes of being the chief executive of a first-class city. But looking as the survey’s results, Mayor Rivera is doing an excellent job as the mayor of Calbayog City. More than half of the residents of the city thinks so. And the numbers are only going to go up the more months he puts in.

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