Consistent with his promise to continue the legacy of the late Mayor Ronaldo P. Aquino, newly appointed Mayor Diego P. Rivera has initiated the creation of a CITY PERSONNEL INVENTORY COMMITTEE which aims to efficiently evaluate employees within the LGU.

This is in order to guide management decision-making on matters like promotions, trainings, and the distribution of the right employee for the appropriate job. Part of the committee’s mandate is to conduct a current skills inventory to identify gaps between the current level of skills and relevant knowledge possessed by the employees vis-à-vis the requirement of the office and its goals. Similar to a well-oiled mechanism, organizational success is largely dependent on efficient staffing.

Mayor Rivera has been consistent in his assurance that there will be no personnel changes upon his assumption to the office of the city mayor. This certainly strengthens his commitment to creating a better, service-oriented workforce, with no man left behind.

This is a welcome move considering the ever-shifting tasks and responsibilities LGU employees have to adapt to in the course of serving the public. It helps to recognize the strengths and the areas of improvement for our LGU’s employees and provide an appropriate placement based on the individual assessments. Furthermore, it can also assist in the creation of training strategies and skills development programs that can enhance the skill set of the employees of the local government of Calbayog City, as well as the services that each LGU department provides.

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